Her Indelible Mark – Podcast!

Her Indelible Mark – Podcast! 0

My short story “Her Indelible Mark” has been podcast on ShadowCast – you should give it a listen! It was published on SNM Horror Magazine’s site last month and was awarded the title Story of the Month, and as part of that it now gets recorded. It’s great fun, though I would not listen to [...]

Flat Stanley Goes to World Horror

Flat Stanley Goes to World Horror 0

A friend approached me recently, asking if I would participate in a school project for her seven year old daughter; it involved Flat Stanley, a children’s story about a boy who gets flattened when a bulletin board falls on him. He miraculously survives, and subsequently goes on all kinds of adventures. The project aspect is [...]

Listening to Your Gut

Listening to Your Gut 0

As I get closer to starting my first novel (correction: the first novel that I WILL finish) I’ve been going back through my notes as well as comments from a friend, and fellow writer, Steve Scearce – refining the outline, filling in character details, jotting down snippets of details or dialog. Steve is about a [...]

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