Indwelling 0

I’m not sure how I missed posting this, but my story “Indwelling” has been selected for the August issue of SNM Horror Magazine. It’s my second acceptance with this publication. Because the story is online, you can read it for free by clicking here (or above, or anywhere else I’ve inserted the link). Check it out and [...]

First Novel – Thinking and Planning

First Novel – Thinking and Planning 4

Recently I blogged about starting a novel, and my intent to post weekly on the process (it’s been a few weeks since that first posting, so you can see how good I am at this). This week I wanted to discuss the biggest change in my process, why I think it’s important, and how others [...]

My First Novel

My First Novel 0

Back at the beginning of April I started work on a novel. This is not the first time I’ve tried working on a project of this length—in fact, I’ve started at least three novels, two of which were meant to be part of epic series. One of these previous attempts got three or four chapters [...]

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