24 Hour Comic Day

24 Hour Comic Day 15

I have never tried doing a comic – or graphic novel – though I have considered it at times. Today, though, I have decided to participate in 24 Hour Comic Day, using a story I started LONG ago (~20 years ago) and that I only wrote the first couple of pages on. So it’s an [...]

First Novel – Writing

First Novel – Writing 0

“Writers write.” You’ve set out on the journey of writing your first novel, and so far you have spent time organizing your thoughts—an outline, synopsis, notes on cocktail napkins. The story seems well thought out, you feel good about your direction, but you’re not certain if your planning is enough. When should you start writing? [...]

First Novel – Thinking and Planning

First Novel – Thinking and Planning 4

Recently I blogged about starting a novel, and my intent to post weekly on the process (it’s been a few weeks since that first posting, so you can see how good I am at this). This week I wanted to discuss the biggest change in my process, why I think it’s important, and how others [...]

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