IN SITU, an anthology of science fiction tales about alien excavations, weird archeology, and the unearthing of mysteries.

“In situ” (pronounced /ɪn ˈsaɪtjuː/) is a Latin phrase meaning in the place. According to the most common archaeological usage, in situ refers to an artifact that has not been moved from its original place of deposition. In other words, it is still where it was left. An artifact being in situ is critical to the interpretation of that artifact and, consequently, to the culture which formed it. Once an artifact’s ‘find- site’ has been recorded, the artifact can then be moved for conservation, further interpretation and display. An artifact that is not discovered in situ is considered out of context and will not provide an accurate picture of the associated culture.

But what if the artifact isn’t from a human culture? Could we, as humans, possibly understand it? If not, what might we mistake it for? Whether it’s 19th century scholars finding an alien artifact at an a dig site in the Mediterranean, or 25th century explorers uncovering ancient ruins on a recently discovered planet, far out in space, In Situ seeks to unearth something new.

My story, “Seeds,” is included in here. I will have signed copies to sell in later spring; additionally, I can get another contributor – Steven J. Scearce, author of “The Eye of Africa” – to sign as well if you would like. Please include signature requests (specific wording, who it’s signed to, whether you want Steven’s signature) in the comments area of PayPal when checking out.

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If ordering outside of the U.S., please send me a message through the contact form for proper shipping costs.

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