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Recent Acceptances 4

Slices of Flesh

Slices of Flesh

My story “The Collector” has been accepted into the anthology Slices of Flesh, coming out at World Horror 2012. There’s a lot of great writers featured here, as well as cover art by Mike Mignola, and I’m extremely excited to be a part of this.

“The Collector” is a story I’ve had kicking around in my head for several years now and I think it took this anthology to bring it out in its ideal form—flash fiction (though I’ve since had thoughts on blowing it up into a long piece—we’ll see if that happens). The story itself deals with body parts and plastination—the process used for the Body Worlds’ corpses (where water is replaced with silicon preserving fleshy tissue and making them safe to touch). As a medical illustrator, I’ve personally handled plastinated human hearts and it is a rather interesting experience. They feel…rubbery, fleshy, and rather heavy. They are hygienic, and you could probably lick them if you wanted (I didn’t, at least not in front of the client).

I won’t, however, post my cadaver lab story—that’s best in person (even better over food).

Black Static Issue 25

Black Static Issue 25

Another acceptance—my story “The Little Things” will be my debut into the magazine Black Static. It’s a piece I’m particularly proud of, and as someone who greatly enjoys Black Static I’m thrilled to have it appear there. I’m not certain when it will but it could be as soon as their February issue.

I hope this is the first of many stories to grace their pages.

Galen used a character from this story for her 30 Character challenge in November; you can see that drawing here.

I also recently placed a couple of stories in anthologies, but as they are written under a different pen name I will keep the details to that.

For the year-to-date I have sold eight short stories—six as Jacob Ruby, two as another. With last year being the first time I had a story published I feel pretty good with how 2011 has shaped up.

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