Bear Weiter is an artist by education and a 3D illustrator/animator by trade who spends most of his time forging darker thoughts into twisted stories.

His work appears in a number of magazines and anthologies including Black Static, Rigor Amortis, IN SITU, Fish, and Slices of Flesh. He recently completed his first novel, a young adult horror story called Ringmaster (previously titled The Arrival), and is currently working on more. He is also a contributing staff member of BookLifeNow, where he blogs about writing, self-marketing, blogging, art, and design.

He lives in the suburbs of Kansas City (on the Kansas side) with his wife (imported from Switzerland) and a gaggle of cats (all local).

You can follow him here on this website and on Twitter @bearthw.

Up until mid-2012, most of my works carried the Jacob Ruby byline—other stories have been published under the name Virginia Ray (these stories often featured more youth and innocence but were no less twisted in their own way). But to better manage my brand, everything from that point on is now under my real name—Bear Weiter.

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