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My Bio 2

So I’ve been asked to supply a short bio for a possible publication; as I have never published before, I can’t promote my previous credits (and I don’t think they want to know my fantasy, made up credits). I generally have a hard time taking things seriously, and this is probably something I should, so [...]


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So this is my new site, specific to my world of writing. Looks pretty boring, doesn’t it? That’ll change soon enough. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found doing work for myself is the most difficult – I have difficulty making time for it, and when I do have time, I’m at such odds [...]

Who I Am

Who I Am 0

An avid reader of fantasy, sic-fi, and horror. An artist who makes his living as an illustrator and animator. A writer who spends much of his waking hours (and quite a bit of his sleep time) thinking about made up stuff, and frequently writing it down. This site is dedicated to my creative writing endeavors. [...]

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