GenCon 2014 Schedule

GenCon 2014 Schedule 0

I have a few events I’m planning on attending, but outside of that, my official schedule is as follows:


State of the Ninth World – 1-2pm

MCG Booth (#1653) – 2-4pm


MCG Booth – 12-2pm, 4-6pm


The Strange Launch – 11am-1pm

MCG Booth – 1-4pm


MCG Booth – 10am-12pm, 2-4pm

Stop by, say hi, and if you’re an artist, bring your portfolio! Because this is the first time I’m doing this for MCG, I’m going to keep it casual – let’s call it an informal portfolio review (or even just a chat). Nothing too serious, nothing scheduled. Ask for Bear, someone will point you in the right direction.

If you’re an artist we’ve already used, I know your work well already – come by and talk shop.

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